An illustration: A man woke up early in the morning without prior discussion with the wife and children to travel where he does not know? He had his bath, dressed up and took his bag. The family and friends bid him farewell after a long-struggling and were very angry when he left because he did not discuss it with them.


Can the man be considered to be normal? Maybe or maybe not. The same way is the person who decides to take an unknown trip of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Be ready to be considered crazy by family and friends. If you are not ready for that, you better go back home.
Why did he decide to take the journey? He saw what others did not see. It may or may not be in the physical. In actual truth, he does not know where he is going but he knows there should be a place like what he saw.
Why did he leave his family? This is usually a difficult thing for entrepreneurs to do but he had to do it. Not because he did not love his family but his love for them to have a better future made him make the decision.
Why were the family and friends angry when he left? Do they really need to be angry? My thought is that everyone has a choice in life. Maybe they were angry with him because they felt they do not have control over him anymore.

In actual sense, there are so many definitions of an Entrepreneur. The definition depends on the angle from which you perceive it.

Simply, an entrepreneur is someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it. Note that there must be the creation of an organization. In other words, taking an opportunity to make money within a short time does not make you an entrepreneur. For example, many have seized the opportunity to make money when there is a fuel crisis in the country. They are called opportunists and not entrepreneurs.

Therefore, to be an entrepreneur, there must be an idea generation that is related to a problem. An attempt must be made to solve the problem. Hence, to solve the problem, you must focus on the problem and not the money, and look for problems and not opportunities.

At this point, you need to know that the problem to be solved must be important to you in such an extent that you desire to relieve the pain it is causing many people experiencing it. The problem you decided to solve must combine your purpose, passion, and prowess. Moreover, the qualities of the work and solution you proffer have to work in the real world.

The challenge of most entrepreneurs is running their businesses in their absence. Trust has been removed in most businesses making the owner face the challenge of leaving someone else to run it. At this point, the entrepreneur has no freedom. Most businesses do not need you around to run effectively if a good system is put in place. Therefore, in solving a problem, you must come up with a system and duplicate it over and over in order to be able to do other things that are more important than running the business alone.

Another challenge that an entrepreneur is facing is FEAR. It is called FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Fear is in place when you anticipate pain that may result when moving from known to the unknown. Do not allow fear to hold you down. You must act in spite of fear, doubt and worry.

Adekanla Adetokunbo- innovation consultant at Thinking House Consulting