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Almost all entrepreneur are initially bitten by an “entrepreneur bug” in anticipation of making millions only to realize the enormous energy they have to put and the resources needed in developing their businesses such as start-up capital, marketing, website creation, hiring staff, product development, managing social media account, renting an office, getting customers and so on.

This realization makes entrepreneurs split into two groups. The first and the larger group will choose the path of least resistance and pleasure above business since it is their business. These are lazy entrepreneurs. The second and smaller group will take the time needed for the start-up, understand the functionality of every job, send every email themselves, attend every meeting and build the business from scratch.

A lazy entrepreneur will allow the shaky foundation of his business to crumble at the sign of adversity by leaving the future of the organization in the hands of an employee who are doing their job to collect a salary and ready to leave when they get a better offer.

The bitter truth is that it is challenging to start, run and make the business profitable, even though, it worth it at the end. You are not expected to hand over your new baby to every dick and harry who comes to greet you on the day of naming ceremony. So, we advise you not to trust your vision and passion to people who care less about your business. This gives you a hint on the necessity to consider the personality of people who will work for you or partner with you in your start-up. Do they share the same vision with you?


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