What is Laziness to an Entrepreneur?

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In the world of entrepreneurship, success is measured by ‘results’ and not ‘efforts’. In order words, success is not measured by the activity you carried out but rather the productivity of such effort. Every entrepreneur should strive to get result by setting things straight in the course of putting effort into developing their businesses.

Laziness creeps in when we sacrifice the ultimate for the immediate by putting the output (the money to get) over the input (the value to create). This is the challenge that most entrepreneurs used to make while setting up their businesses by putting their hope in immediate money the business will generate instead of value proposition for the customers that will generate more money in the long run.

I love what Philips Tito discussed in her article by where she said laziness is choosing ‘good’ over ‘great’, ‘better’ over ‘best’, ‘average’ over ‘excellence’, ‘available’ over ‘suitable’. She also stated that laziness is desiring ‘change’ without ‘pain’, ‘power’ without ‘discipline’, ‘fulfilment’ without ‘purpose’, ‘success’ without ‘preparation’, ‘development’ without ‘learning’.

Therefore, we want you to view laziness as anything that resists change in your business or government. The common saying in our organization or society that ‘this is the way we do it’ should stop. We can always do it in another way and achieve a better result.

In conclusion, as an entrepreneur, we must recognize that effort is not enough but we must produce good results and refuse to allow laziness in our businesses.


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