Thinking House has the vision to be the premier iDEA HOUSE where quality business owners will emerge in Nigeria and a mission to build 1000 future leaders by 2025 who think innovatively in solving human, social and economic problems in the society.
In an attempt to achieve this mission, we are currently looking for five (5) individuals in each team with entrepreneurial DNA who will work within the company as intrapreneurs and:

1. Prepare to work in a team to achieve agreed goals and objectives.
2. Ready to develop products from the scratch to launching in five (5) sectors: healthcare, real estate, education, agriculture and fashion.
3. Ready to use a proven business model in turning the business challenges into solutions.
4. Can embrace technology in providing solution to the problems to be solved.
5. Prepare to develop an excellent product for a niche, dominate the niche in terms of quality & services and follow it up as a stand-alone business.
6. Embrace innovation and creativity in finding better, faster and cheaper ways to serve customers, make sales and achieve higher profitability.
7. Always looking for ways to develop competitive advantage with the product and services, marketing strategies, processes, sales methodology, and new technology to offer better product than the competitors.
8. Determined to exploit market advantage of the product to the fullest by positioning the product as a business.
9. Launch the product and generate higher revenue from a serviceable addressable market (SAM).

The positions required for each team are:
1. Team Lead
2. Market manager with digital marketing experience
3. Financial manager
4. Operations manager
5. Technical expert with App development experience

Send your application to

The subject of your email should look like this:
Sector: Position applied for–Your Surname, First name
E.g Healthcare: Team Lead—Smith, John

Kindly attach your CV if applicable to your cover letter.
Please, note that only qualified candidates will be contacted.